ObamaBank Treasure Hunt Poster

ObamaBank Treasure Hunt Poster

The ObamaBank:

• an exceptional item of memorabilia
of the 2008 and 2012 Election Campaigns,
a collector’s item of life-time value.

• a perfect gift idea for Obama’s second term
[gift card bearing your name included !]


The ObamaBank (coin-bank) conveys a critical message about President Obama, now reelected to a second term. By ordering the ObamaBank and showing it to family, friends and associates you get to express your determination to support President Obama’s efforts for CHANGE. This watchword remains his own as he now moves Forward to 2016.  The unique Obama Novelty Item is the only one that allows you to judge his performance in every regard as his term advances.


The glossy, full color, wooden ObamaBank is about 5 inches tall; it comes in a glossy color box. The ObamaBank has a slot for coins in its top and opens in the middle. It is thus excellent for use as a “piggy bank”.
The figure of Obama is holding a board on which the word,
CHANGE, can be affixed.
As such, the ObamaBank is a constant reminder to judge his continued performance.


JCA is happy to announce the arrival of the first limited shipment of ObamaBanks!
They are being offered at a sizable discount for those who order now.
And are thus being ordered fast!
Expressions of interest are also welcome, but those who order now will be the first served from the current limited supply. Of course, your advance payment is guaranteed
a full refund before or after delivery.


(please print out, circulate and mail)

Please make your check payable to A. Braunstein, and send to:
Jewish Covenant Alliance, R.A.
P. O. Box  18542,  Ramat Eshkol
Jerusalem 91185, Israel

Please address all inquiries to:  connect@covenantalliance.org
And visit with www.covenantalliance.org

Payment can also be made by PAYPAL(you don't need to have PayPal in order to be able to use it):
ObamaBank (w/ box)
Handling & Mailing


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[Gift Card bearing your name will be included!] 





Wholesale Orders:


Your organization or association can fundraise with the ObamaBank as a reseller. The wholesale price is only $6 (NIS 20) per item on each order of ten or more (plus $10 for handling/mailing on each such order). You will thus also be multiplying the number of people who receive the ObamaBank message.